What is a professional organizer?

Professional organizer near me

Atlanta Professional Organizer

Professional organizer near me

Atlanta Professional Organizer

Hire a Professional Organizer in Atlanta

OrderUp Design Professional Organizing team can help you restore order to
your home, business, or any other project that needs an experienced set of hands. Think of your professional organizer as a personal trainer for your home!

We Do it All

From professional kitchen organization to custom closet organization, we can organize your home from top to bottom. But that’s not all! We also work with business owners to organize inventory and file systems to help increase productivity. We provide clients with professional organizing tips and to ensure they can maintain their new space.

OrderUp Design Atlanta

How does the process work when you hire OrderUp Design for your professional organizing projects? We start by scheduling a free consultation where we will go over all the details of your organization project, the desired budget, and what our organizing professionals can offer your home or business! Our professional organizers then design an action plan based on your goals and style for the space.

Home Organizer Atlanta

When we work in a client’s home, we start by having a consult with the client to discuss their needs and desire for the space. We like to get an idea of the current organization systems and aesthetic of the space to ensure we organize in a way that works for you!

Business Organizer Atlanta

Similar to home organization, we will start by having a consult to discuss the business’s needs, goals, and budget. We will the come up with an action plan to create tailored organization systems for your company.


mk laVallee, Founder of OrderUp Design

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