Our Team

MK LaVallee


I have had a passion for all things ‘order’ since before I can remember. With years of professional organization experience and a background in social work with Understanding and Treating Hoarding Disorder training, my family always jokes about how I was highly sought after as a babysitter and friend when I was younger because any house I went to left more organized than when I arrived. Helping people is my passion, and what lead to me getting a master’s degree in social work; however, I always come back to helping people in the area of organization!

I started my professional organizing business, OrderUp Design, in May of 2018 when I moved back to Atlanta, Georgia after finishing my Master’s degree.  At first, I thought it was purely a dream job that would only be part-time until I found more long-term work, however, I ended up realizing that many people need help in the area of organization! As things picked up, I decided to make it a full time job and I have been chasing my dream of being a small business owner and professional organizer ever since. I want to thank all of my clients and future clients! Here’s to “enhancing your life through organization.”

Julia Remion

Lead Professional Organizer / Logistics Coordinator

LyN LaVallee

Professional Organizer / Installation Specialist

Jonathan Foster

Installation Specialist / Carpenter

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