MK is awesome! She helped me organize my garage as well as my spare room where I keep most of my craft supplies and a large closet where I store miscellaneous items. I can’t say enough good things about her. She arrives when she says she will and she works quickly and efficiently. You can completely turn her loose and she will quickly transform your space into a well-organized, functional space. Her pricing is extremely reasonable and she is very thoughtful in how she approaches her work. When she helped with the garage, I turned her loose in the morning and at the end of the day I came downstairs to find my ridiculous mess all neatly organized and labeled and now I can find what I need without having to hunt for things. MK is also very personable and it’s a pleasure having her around. I will use her again in the future and highly, highly recommend her services to others. We were are are extremely satisfied customers!

Brandy M.

“We are a growing small business with a team of 15 people. Our growth has left little time for organizing our filing and storage systems. As a consequence we have been using our expensive space inefficiently, and have made the accomplishments of basic tasks too time consuming. In two visits Mary Kathryn installed simple but highly effective systems for storage, took away our superfluous equipment and materials, and catalyzed a team effort to eliminate old paperwork that could be shredded or simply thrown out. We now have more space and better systems for doing our work. The investment will pay off many times over. Mary Kathryn was unfailingly helpful and hard working. Our only regret is that we did not seek her help sooner.”

Richard R.

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