Keeping Your Home Or Workspace Clean During COVID-19

Chances are, you’re probably reading this article from the comfort of your home. If not, you’ve certainly been confined to your home a great deal recently. Imagine all the stuff in your house at the moment. Your work station. Your desk. Your closet. Your room. Picture all of it. Are you satisfied by what you see?

Given the current pandemic, resourcefulness and mental clarity are far more important than ever before. I’m no mind reader, but I know things have been WAY more stressful for you lately:
1)You’re adjusting to new work regulations or remote work
2) The kids are out of school and tearing the house apart
3) All that random stuff you’ve been ordering online is taking up some serious space.
…among so many other things.

Understandably, organization might not be at the top of your list of priorities right now.
“The world is falling apart! Who cares about whether my room is messy or not?”

Well, you. You should care. If anything, the fact the world is in such disarray should be your main motivation for keeping your surroundings clean. You’re stuck at home and resources for great organizational practices are more plentiful than ever before.

Understand that this sentiment is not coming from a naturally organized person. I’m a fresh college grad who’s working remotely for the first time and learning how to navigate “real-life”. Between applications and staying on top of projects, I have to constantly ensure that my headspace is clear and focused. I can personally attest that the little things really do add up.
Overstuffed drawers easily derail my train of thought. A pantry full of unlabelled snacks throws off my focus before a meeting. Books and fitness equipment frequently seem to litter my bedroom floor. My point? Clutter and a perceived loss of control can easily translate into poor work performance and heavy duty motivation loss.
Work efficiency aside, organization is one of the few things we still have substantial control over. None of us WANT to live in a cluttered environment. It sort of just “happens”. We’re all capable of improving our daily quality of life in some way. It’s often just that initial push and getting into the right mindset that’s the hard part.
So, without further ado, here are some ways you can keep your place (and mindset) clean and organized during this pandemic:

1. Turn to social media for inspiration:

That’s right. Social media isn’t just for caffeinated kids on TikTok. From organizational consultancies to cleaning-based accounts and businesses, the resources are endless. Need some ideas for how to store the quickly decaying food in your fridge? There’s definitely a post about that. Home office looking cramped? Instagram definitely has its share of basic, yet informative ideas. As Professional Organizer Mary Kathryn LaVallee, owner of Atlanta’s OrderUp Design proclaims:
“A Professional Organizer is a Personal Trainer For Your Home”

2. Begin gradually and create a methodical process that works for you:

While it sounds like common sense, this is an important consideration to account for when getting into the groove of cleaning. Start with the little things and be deliberately gradual with your approach. For example, maybe focus on one room at a time at a preferred time. Personally, I like to use breaks between work to tidy up all the stuff around my desk. Only after my home office space is completely clean do I move on to the kitchen or other rooms.

3. Make the process enjoyable:

Again, the key here is sustainability and to create a routine and mindset that you actually wanna commit to. Don’t kid yourself and be the person who tries to get a six pack in one week by eating ten calories and running 30 miles everyday. You’re not cleaning your ravaged home. Instead, you’re becoming a masterful cleaning ninja. Has a better ring to it, right?
For example, start the cleaning session by loading up your favorite music playlist or turning on a podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to. Love Netflix? Turn on some Marie Kondo and get cracking. Point is, the possibilities are endless. Pick something you find enjoyable and don’t view your process as a chore.

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed”
US Navy Admiral William H. McRaven
COVID-19 can easily shroud the importance of personal organization on our everyday routines. There are so many important problems in the world right now that need to be solved. As a result, we are constantly adjusting to new restrictions and realities. To even begin tackling these issues, however, we must start with our own individual lives and mental clarity. Indeed, as Admiral McRaven boldly proclaims, big changes are the product of several smaller ones.

Have some great tips you’ve been using to organize effectively during COVID-19 ?
Spread the love and share them on social media!

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