Week Two Decluttering Challenge: Bathroom and Laundry

Every journey starts with the first step. You have, at some point in your life, experienced the challenges of initiating the first stages of an activity. However, you have also experienced the happiness that is brought about by the completion of a task.

Now that you completed the week one decluttering challenge, let’s keep the momentum going and move on to the next stage. You will be decluttering your bathroom and laundry.

You spend a significant amount of time in your bathroom and laundry. Therefore, it is not surprising that these two areas can sometimes be poorly kept even though these areas are used for cleaning purposes. The good news is with just a little effort; these areas can be simple to organize and maintain.

Day Five: Decluttering Your Linen Closet

Your linen closet probably serves you as your junk drawer alternative for your bed and bath related linens. Due to the stack of items filling up your linen closet, decluttering your linen closet can sometimes appear to be a huge task. However, if you follow the steps detailed below by our professional organizer, your linen closet will no longer be a pain to look at.

1.    Clear out any bedding and towels you no longer use. You can donate used towels and bedding to local animal shelters!

2.    Fold your linen into different categories based on use and size. We suggest only keep 1 or 2 backup sets of sheets and a few old towels for messes.

3.    Purchase baskets, label them depending on your linen categories, and neatly pack your linen. We suggest having a bin for each room or dedicated to each size.

TIP: If you are starting over from scratch, we suggest making different size beds different patterns/colors. For example, all king beds have white sheets and all queen beds have a pattern.

Day Six: Maximising Your Laundry Room Space

Not everyone has a large laundry room with tones of space. And you are probably not satisfied with this small space. So how do you go about maximizing your laundry room space? Keep on reading to find out.

1.    As always, start by getting rid of items you do not use.

2.    Installing shelving anywhere you can is going to be extremely useful! Check out the pictures below to see both a dream laundry room and a small laundry closet. Feel free to comment a picture of your space and we can help you find shelving that is both affordable and will fit your space.

3.    Use baskets and storage containers to store your supplies.

4.    On your laundry room door, you can install storage options like over-the-door adjustable wire racks, drying racks, or a ironing board hanger.

5.    Using the new storage space available, group your supplies based on size and usage, and store them.

Day Seven: Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet

Your medicine cabinet was probably not a priority on your to do list. However, an organized medicine cabinet will save you time during your routine. You no longer have to start hunting around for medical supplies.

Most importantly, you will reduce the risk of harming your health by avoiding taking expired medical and hygiene supplies. Follow these easy steps and get it done.

1.    Clear out expired supplies and those you don’t use, be prepared…there is usually a lot!

2.    Restock items that don’t belong in the medicine cabinet in their proper storage space.

3.    Clean the medicine cabinet.

4.    Group and label your supplies into groups based on use. For example, some of your groups may be first aid, allergy and cold medicine. Also, make sure the supplies you use in your daily routine are on a shelf that is easily accessable. The top shelves hold the supplies you don’t use frequently.

6.    If you have a small medicine cabinet or share the space with your linens you may want to install a door rack to increase storage space. As always, separating categories with bins can help you keep the space tidy.

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Day Eight: Under the Sink Organization

The space below the sink is often forgotten. Most people either decide not to use or ‘store away’ items they don’t want to look at. However, the space under the sink is a crucial storage space, especially for those of you with limited space. The following steps will help you organize this space.

1.    Clear out the junk.

2.    Install water resistant shelf liners to protect against dripping water.

3.    You could opt to take advantage of the vertical space by stacking clearly labeled see-through bins that will help you keep track of your bathroom supplies.

4.    You can also opt to use pull out drawers, multi-tiered under the sink shelves, or lazy Susans.    Increase storage space by installing a hanging storage basket on the doors.

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