Dorm Room Organization Hacks

Dorm Room Organization Hacks:

I cannot believe it’s been 6 years since I was moving into my freshman dorm at Ole Miss! Living in a dorm was definitely part of the experience, and while I had no idea at the time that I would go on to start my own organization business, I still loved to organize! To be honest I was so excited to meet the challenge of organizing such a small space. And with the average dorm room being smaller than 130 square feet shared between two people…organization is a must! Here are some of the best ideas I used in my dorm room or saw in friends rooms! 

Raise that Bed!


Even though it looks sort of ridiculous to have your bed be close to shoulder height, the amount of storage space you gain is worth every run and jump you will be doing of the next year. Most forms come with beds that are adjustable, but just in case bed risers work! Check out these bed risers from Amazon that work with almost any bed! Bed Riser

High Bedside Table!


Don’t be afraid to have an equally high bedside table. Being able to fit a mini fridge and other storage under the bedside table is key to feeling like you love in a well designed room instead of a small box. Check out this adjustable table from Ikea! I used it in my own dorm room and it was PERFECT!

IKEA Adjustable Table

Desk Hutch!


Some dorms come with over desk hutches and it makes a huge difference! If your dorm room doesn’t, I highly suggest in making or investing in a hutch to fully utilizing your space. Just in case you aren’t a DIY type person, here is a link to a hutch!

Container Store Desk Hutch

Drawer Bins!


Bins in generally are great, but bins that act as drawers make your life so much easier! In the picture above you can see the drawer bins being used under the bed! I say line under your bed with drawer bins like these to (at least) double your clothing storage. Also, if you want to get real fancy you can make a bed skirt to cover them!

Target 3 Drawer Storage Bin

Bathroom Caddy!


If you are one of the lucky souls who doesn’t share a floor bathroom then I seriously envy you. But, if you are like me and have to share a bathroom with 50 other girls than a shower caddy is a must! This till help you organize you toiletries making it easy to carry back and forth. Also, you can easily tuck it away so all your shower items aren’t in your way constantly. 

Storage Ottoman!


You will probably get an ottoman anyway that way getting on your high bed is much easier; it might as well have storage! Plus, it is the perfect place to store items like shoes. 

Target Storage Ottoman

Rolling Storage Cart!


This is something I seriously wish I had when I was in a dorm! Having minimal space for things like makeup, Jewlery, hair items, etc. is quite the challenge! Having a rolling cart allows you to have all those items in one place that can easily move to wherever you need it while you get ready! 

Container Store Storage Cart

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