Easy Jewelry Organization Hacks

Picture this…you’re going out with the girls for the first time and what feels like forever. You get all dressed up because who doesn’t need an excuse to get out of the Lululemon leggings and into a cute dress. You have the perfect necklace in mind for the occasion and as you go to get it out of your “jewlery drawer” you pull at least 6 other necklaces with it. THE DREADED WAD! You spend the next 15 minutes crunches over untangling necklaces and wishing you had smaller fingers and kept your necklaces separated. Finally you give up and promise yourself you will you separate them later and figure out a way to organize your necklaces so you can actually wear them. 

Trust me we have all been there and it’s the worst, but don’t worry here are a few ideas at different budgets to help you organize your jewelry in a way that will avoid the dreaded tangle AND will get you wearing what you have more often!


Budget Friendly

Keep your jewelry collection organized and beautifully displayed with this set of 3 charming jewelry racks. Each wall-mounted jewelry organizer in this set features a strip of wood with a rustic-style finish that adds some serious charm and organization to your space…and the price seriously can’t be beat!


DIY Pegboard

If DIY crafts are more your thing than this idea is for you! Pegboards can look ugly…but add some paint and a frame and it takes a turn for the best. Be sure to check out our pinterest for more DIY organization ideas!



Store your jewelry items all in one place with this standing jewelry armoire that includes a mirror and LED lights! If you have the space and budget this piece is PERFECT!


Sometimes, the hardest part of organizing is knowing where to start! Feel free to contact us at OrderUp Design and we can help! Email: Orderupdesign@gmail.com  Call: 678-799-5147

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