The Advantage of Dyslexia: Story of OrderUp Design and owner Mary Kathryn LaVallee

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Growing up, Mary Kathryn LaVallee struggled in school and wasn’t sure why. In first grade, the school even suggested holding her back due to her inability to read or even spell her name without tears. Determined to find the root of the problem, her first-grade teacher suggested getting tested for a learning disability. Turns out, Mary Kathryn was diagnosed with dyslexia and spent the next three years at the Schenck School in Atlanta. “I remember the first time I read an entire book on my own. I was in second grade and ran to my parent’s room boasting with pride.”

While school continued to be a challenge, Mary Kathryn credits her dyslexia to the success she has made today. “Being dyslexic meant every single day I faced a challenge. But through facing those challenges I gained tremendous resilience. I owe dyslexia for my unbelievable problem-solving skills and reasoning capabilities.” Now with a master degree under her belt she says, “I made it through because every day, from the first day of pre-K to the last day of my master program, was equally as challenging, but my determination was continuously growing.”

Through her educational journey, Mary Kathryn developed strong organizational skills to cope with her dyslexia. “Organization and dyslexia do not typically go hand-in-hand, it’s actually one of the challenges for many people facing dyslexia. My organizing skills started at the Schenck school, the curriculum place organization at a priority for skills to teach, and they stayed with me through all the years.”

Now Mary Kathryn is helping others learn the skill of organization through her business OrderUp Design, a company designed to help others enhance their life through organization. The business offers a variety of services including home and office organization, working with children, and assistance with moving. “Whether you need a total redo, tips and tricks, or just some assistance in your spring cleaning project, OrderUp is right for you.”

Mary Kathryn believes dyslexia is the reason for her passion to offer a service to others that will help them not only become organized but learn to stay organized. She says, “anyone can learn to be organized, it just takes determination and a teacher that provides the information in a way that you can understand it, just like learning to read with dyslexia.”

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