DIY Small Space Storage Organization

Small Space Storage Organization

Let’s talk about storage, there never seems to be enough of it…so little that many people resort to paying for storage units that are hard to access, cost a lot, and are truly impractical. Those who are fortunate enough may use a basement or attic for storage, but let’s face it, if you cannot get to your items with ease you almost never use them. Seriously, think about how long it has been since you accessed those bins in the back of the attic?

With people moving out of the suburbs and back to the city this means serious downsizing, and downsizing often times means lack of storage. Especially if you are inspired by HGTV and decide to tackle a “fixer upper”. Old homes are charming and downtown living is fun…but the lack of storage can result in that beautiful home being filled in clutter on every surface.

While sometimes a good purge is needed, we often times just need to maximize the space we have and create better storage systems through the home. Here are some easy DIY ideas to maximize storage in EVERY home (no matter if you are ready to splurge or on a budget – because everyone deserves to be organized).

Under the bed:

Who remembers being young and being told to clean out from under the bed when your idea of cleaning was shoving everything under it? And as an adult we still frequently find items under there. When a bed takes up a majority of your room it’s easy to want to use the space underneath, however, doing in the right way can make all the difference.

Pro Tip: Make sure to measure the base of your bed to the floor to find a bin that will fit perfectly (the long storage bins almost fit under any bed). To create more room for the large bins, use bed raisers and a bed skirt to create a finished look with lots of storage.

Budget:  Large Storage Drawers Long Storage Bins

Splurge: Bed Frame with Built-in Storage


Photo Courtesy of Target
Photo Courtesy of The Container Store


Wouldn’t we all love a walk-in pantry with room for appliances and space between each snack category. Seriously, sign me up! But without a custom kitchen, it can be hard to find a house with so much space designated to the pantry. And let’s face it, redoing a kitchen to make room for a luxury pantry isn’t always on the priority list.  However, giving your pantry a glow up isn’t out of the cards. Using bins or crates for categories can let you utilize the depth of shelves without losing items to be forgotten. Also, attaching a storage organizer on the back of the door can almost double the amount of space you are working with.

Pro Tip: Once ever 6 months take everything out! It sounds scary, but trust us, it is so worth it. Donating food items you know you won’t use before their expiration date is a lot more fulfilling than throwing away 5+ years of expired canned goods.

Budget Pantry Bins& Door Rack

Splurge Pantry Organzation, Custom Crates& Upslace Door Rack


Photo Courtesy of The Container Store
Photo Courtesy of Crates & Pallet


Who has a drawer(s) full of half used beauty products you never use and a counter full of the ones you do? It’s time to put those drawers to use and have the clear counter you have always dreamed of. Utilizing under the sink for storage of less frequently used items is key to keep your drawers functional and “sparking joy”. Using organizational systems with drawers under the sink keeps products clean, organized, and easy to reach.

Budget Under the Sink Storage 

Splurge Under the Sink Organization


Photo Courtesy of The Container Store
Photo Courtesy of OrderUp Design

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