5 Reasons to use a Professional Organizer for Spring Cleaning

While it may still be cold out, the truth is that spring will be here before we know it! With spring comes many great things, however, one that overwhelms a lot of people is spring cleaning. If getting organized was one of your New Year’s resolutions, that you accidentally forgot to work on for the last few months, it can be especially overwhelming. But don’t worry, we are all guilty of putting off spring cleaning and getting ourselves into a literal pile of clutter that is too much to even begin to tackle. That’s why this year we are listing the top 5 reasons on why using a professional organizer to jump start the process is helpful to get the most out of spring cleaning.

1. Accountability

One of the biggest reasons people hire professional organizers to help them is for the accountability. Think of a professional organizer as a work-out trainer for your clutter. While you may start on one area, the likelihood of finishing the project is much greater with a professional organizer on your side. Also, the results are much better with someone who is pushing you to be your best!

OrderUp Design, Atlanta’s Professional Organizing Service

2. New Ideas

A professional organizer organizes for a living, so of course they know a thousand ways to turn your clutter into something you are proud to share. One of the main aspects of a professional organizer’s job is problem solving on how to truly maximize each client’s space. For example, many people forget about under the bed space, and not in the “shove everything under the bed because your guest will be over in a few minutes” kind of way. Utilizing drawer storage containers can create a great storage solution for people with little closet space. Whether you use the drawers for shoes, extra linens, or off season clothing, the drawers allow you to have easy access and can often times double the storage space in a room.

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3. Less Overwhelming

One reason a lot of people do not start their spring cleaning project is simply because it is so overwhelming to know where to start. A professional organizer can help give you step by step instructions and guide you through the entire process. Once a person gets started and can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel, they get inspired to continue working. It’s a process, and once you start the project gets done more quickly and efficiently.

OrderUp Design, Atlanta’s Professional Organizing Service

4. Increase Productivity

How many times have you started to clean up that messy counter space only to be interrupted by a phone call, a kid asking for a snack, or one we may not like to admit, Facebook notifications? Honestly, it is hard in our busy lives to get things that we put on the back burner off of our to do list. Hiring a professional organizer means there is no excuses or interruptions. Once you make the appointment you are going to want to be as productive as possible during that time.

OrderUp Design, Atlanta’s Professional Organizing Service

5. Lasting results

Maybe the main reason to hire a professional organizer to help with spring cleaning is to keep lasting results! How many times have you actually gotten through your spring cleaning only to find the house a disaster after a few weeks. This can be heart wrenching as you put in so much effort to make it look so nice. As a professional organizer, one of my biggest goals is to not only help clients get organized, but to stay organized. Helping my clients understand my process of thinking is important for helping them keep lasting results. One tip is to make sure every item has a “home”, meaning that you will know right where to find something and, the key to lasting results, right where to put it back when you are done.”

OrderUp Design, Atlanta’s Professional Organizing Service

5 thoughts on “5 Reasons to use a Professional Organizer for Spring Cleaning

  1. Thank you so much for all of your help!! I don’t think I could have made it through the most stressful time of college without you. I’ve never been so put together in my life!

  2. Shannon Hassler April 20, 2018 — 2:48 am

    Mary Kathryn has many talents, and organization is most definitely one of them! I see on the website home page, she mentioned babysitting and leaving homes better than she found them… we were a beneficiary of that many times! We also retained her to decorate and organize our oldest daughter’s room when she transitioned from little kid to teen, and she did a phenomenal job. We highly recommend her, and we’re happy to talk with anyone that might want to know more!

  3. Mary Kathryn has such a strong desire to help people. She is always so prepared for the job with all the tools and supplies needed. She works diligently on the task and completes it quickly. She was so helpful and responsive in helping us get ready for a residential move on very short notice. We highly recommend her! She is a quality person and professional.

  4. If anyone needs help with organizing, I strongly recommend Mary Kathryn LaVallee and her business OrderUp Design. MK has helped our family on so many projects; from working with the kids on organizing their rooms to organizing the garage, she always works hard and incredibly fast! She also went above and beyond and worked on an insurance organization project for us that helped us after a house fire. Not only does she get us organized, but she helps us stay organized! She is extremely professional and friendly, and working with her is always a joy. I would recommend her for big longterm projects or small projects; it doesn’t seem like there is any project she couldn’t handle. Our family will definitely be using her for years; her organizing service is life changing! We highly recommend her to anyone in need of some organizational help. Our families have been friends for three generations, so I know she is solid!

  5. Mary Katherine is not only organized but has some great creative ideas for saving your most precious items, storing what you only need seasonally and helping you get rid of items that are no longer needed or important. She is prompt, friendly and professional and understands how much better life can be when you are organized! I recommend her for small or large jobs as she also has resources for long-term projects/improvements.

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