We organize any space

from homes to businesses,

with your priorities in mind.

We provide a variety of services including complete renovations, installations, organizational guidance, assistance in decluttering projects, and more!

Specializing in closets, bathrooms, pantries, offices, garages, basements, play rooms, and studios.

Small Business Values + Broad Service Spectrum

Atlanta’s top-rated and most cost-effective professional organizing business is at your service.  OrderUp Design’s professional organizers believe everyone deserves to be organized, and that’s why we work with a variety of budgets to make sure you can reclaim your space.  Our professional organizers create tailor systems based on each client’s priorities, personality, and lifestyle. Your project can be as large and over the top or as simple as you want it to be. The goal is for the organization system to be logical and easy for the client to follow, enabling them to maintain the space longterm.  Our professional organizing team primarily works on home organization, corporate office organization, pre-move staging and decluttering, and post-move unpacking and organization. 

About Our Services

Rating: 5 out of 5.

OrderUp Design’s top rated professional organizers have a variety of backgrounds. From Interior Design to Social Work, our team has the experience necessary to tackle any project. Our most popular projects include helping families make sense of cluttered spaces and creating an organizational system that works for them. We also love to work with places of business to increase productivity through organization. Check out our Services Page for more information on pricing and projects!

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